In Optics, theReal Image is the one that appears over a surface where light rays converge and define the form of a projected object. This object is material, but not entirely, because it depends on something else: a light source or an eye. The mockups and sketches also depend on something else, namely, of the

original idea and the culmination of a real object that's still a project.


In "Real Image" there's two series of works: a large penetrable cardboard structure (first floor) And, several projectors with the same material, handmade and in serie (second floor) . These pieces are inserted fully in the limbo between

idea and culmination- where there also are the mockups and sketches- due to the materials with which they're made of. It cannot be thought, nevertheless, that the pieces fit in perfectly on that limbo, because each one, on its own way, challenges, highlights and put on in question its dependence on the ideal


The penetrable, although made of cardboard, denies its reference to the mockup, denying its material because of its size; it becomes work itself, valid piece itself, finite construction, solid, and... penetrable.

In the same way, the projections - distorted, unfocused and in constant movement- exalt the ideal nature of what it projects, refusing to pass entirely to a concrete plane.  It can be thought of these objects as containers of contradiction that, deliberately, get out of its genetic algorithm.