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Exhibition Gabriel Antolínez

ADICIÓN Y SUSTRACCIÓN (Addition and Subtraction)

Mezcla y combinación (Mixture and combination)


Physics has proposed that the origin of the flesh of the body, the minerals from                the earth, and from the stars that we observe at night it is the same. However, each of those components question the human being in a different way. The materials of the pieces from the exhibition ADICIÒN Y SUSTRACCIÓN (Addition and subtraction) draw the attention due to its singularity. Through elements related to fashion design and handmade art, organic and inorganic materials are mixed and, paradoxes between the biological and the mystical are built. The classification methods allow understanding the world, and in this show, patterns and reticles give orders and meanings to the materials of the pieces, but also highlight how logic systems have leaks, which allow distorting the reality that is regard as pre-established.


In this exhibition, Gabriel Antolínez demonstrates that just as some cultures thought about things as places where spirits and ideas dwell, you can also capture emotions and concepts in the design and manufacture of objects. The perceptible existence of objects permits to generate relations from the moment that it is possible to attribute character to things, and to modify the sense of the surroundings. For Antolínez, in his work, the continuity that seems to be missing in the matter is tested through situations of juxtaposition. This allows him to reveal the protean nature –the natural tendency to change- of all matter: its instability, vulnerability and permeability.  


Gabriel Antolínez lives and Works in Bogotá. He has exposed his work in Mexico, Brazil, The United States, Turkey, Uruguay and Colombia. He has also participated in art fairs as Este Arte International Contemporary Art Fair (Punta Del Este) and Untitled Art Fair (Miami). His work is in collections as the Colección de Arte BBVA Colombia (Bogotá, Colombia) and the Collection Ella Fontanals-Cisneros (Miami, United States). He has obtained recognitions like Beca Legorburu Artista en Residencia (FLORA ars+natura), the subsidy for emerging artists Program CIFO (Cisneros Fontanals Art Foundation) and the award Ciclo Nuevas Propuestas Artes Plásticas Alianza Colombo Francesa.


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